Why Unite Against Unitywater.

What is Unite Against Unitywater?

Unite Against Unitywater is a volunteer organisation concerned about the formation of a bureaucratic monopoly to manage community water supply and services. As an independent body it is no longer answerable to the community for the  services it provides and the prices charged for those services. As a monopoly there is no benchmark for performance  or incentive to provide a cost efficent service. The services provided by Unity Water used to be provided by the council, and the cost of providing the service was part of the rates fee charged by the council. Now the water charges are a hefty charge in addition to rates. In effect our rates have increased, as we now pay two bills instead of one bill for rates which included water.

Same water, same delivery system for the water, but now it costs much more and the price is expected to continue to increase.

To keep up to date with the latest in regard of this essential issue that effects everyone of us, firstly email us at uniteagainstunity@bigpond.com and join our facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/pages/UNITE-Against-UNITY/273031486115534

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